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February 18, 2017

VIDEO: incredible sight fishing for big black drum

In this episode of Blacktip H Youtube video, Josh joins Capt. Jamie Glasner to go sight fishing for giant black drums off the coast of Florida. 

They used a drone to find the school of black drum. There were hundreds of fish in this massive school. 

February 14, 2017

ITALY: record size 265 lbs wels catfish caught

Catfish expert and top angler Dino Ferrari, few days ago caught a monster size wels catfish. He was fishing in Ostiglia on Po river. 

He was able to land and release a fish of over 265 pounds for a length of 8.8 feet.

Here a short video of the catch: 


February 11, 2017

GABON: caught a world record 326 pound tarpon!

This could be a new potential world record tarpon...but is still a mystery.

This photo of a potential 326 lbs (147 kilos) world record tarpon has been making rounds on the webfor the past few days. However, very little is known about the fish.

The "International Tarpon Conservation Association" shared the photo claiming that fish was caught in Olende, Gabon, Africa. This huge fish was hooked using an artificial lure and was eventually released.

Unfortunately the fish was unable to be accurately weighed on a scale, but measurements of the fish were taken. According to the measurements taken by the anglers, the fish weighed in at a whopping 326 pounds.

Although this is the only photo that can be found of the fish, I must admit that it does look to be about that size.

The International Tarpon Conservation Association is doing what they can to dig up more information on the catch. As of now, these are all the details that have been uncovered.

I would not be surprised to find out that all the facts on this fish are indeed true. Since Africa is known for its extremely large tarpon, it is totally possible that this fish was actually landed and measured the way they reported it to have been.

February 04, 2017

US: caught a 49" muski while ice fishing

The Iowa great lakes are know for producing some giant muski, in particular the Spirit Lake.

Angler Mike Fogarty had a great day ice fishing when hooked an huge fish.

Fogarty was enjoying time fishing with his family and was about to pack things up for the day. It was just then that one of his rattle reels started running. It didn’t take long for Fogarty to realize there was no ordinary little pan fish on the other end.

Eventually, the family stood around looking at a whopping 49″ muskie. Because muskies aren’t in season, they removed the hook, snapped a couple quick photos, and released the giant back through the ice.

The fish measured 26 inches around. For reference, the circumference of an 8 inch ice hole is just 25.12″.

FLORIDA: caught a 10 foot mako shark from the shore

The past week a fishing team of military veterans landed a 10 foot mako shark from a beach in Navarre, Florida.

It is a very rare catch, in fact, mako sharks are almost never caught from shore. the huge fish was caught after a two-hour struggle by Chester Gamble, co-founder of the group, "American Yakers".

To bait the large shark, a hooked slab of king mackerel was paddled nearly a half-mile from shore via kayak.

January 31, 2017

VIDEO: Top 10 great underwater pike attacks

In this underwater video compilation uploaded on Youtube by Underwater Fishing Videos, you can see ten great pike attacks filmed with an underwater camera.

All this happen while trolling lures in a very clear unknown lake.

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